Cross Training

This was my weekend cross training.  

Changing all the molding, adding new paint to the walls, starting to plan a kitchen and bathroom remodel, sanding and painting. Sanding and painting.  Sanding and painting some more.  So much work!  Four times the work with pitter patters pitter pattering through the house all day!  Makes for late nights, early mornings, multi-tasking and no time to read  your beautiful blogs.  
As many of you suggested, I have been taking it easy.  No running yesterday and only a light 4 miler today.  I have an appointment with my miracle worker of a chiropractor tomorrow morning.  My legs still feel like they are uneven.  

Off to sand some more doors!  

What was the best part about your weekend?
Seeing our hard work turn our house into something new looking.  
What is one of your goals for this week?
One of them is to get back on track with my training and feel good again.  To be ON as a mom. 
Do you like to race 5k's?  
Nope.  They hurt!  But I'm kind of excited to try one again.  Especially after reading about Jenn's (from Running Sane) 5k this weekend and her new PR.  


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