Pursuing The Perfect Running Stride

I love it when I get in a learning phase where all I want to do is learn, learn, learn and read, read, read.  I love when I finally decide to truly learn about something and learn it for me!  I ran all during high school and college.  Cross Country and Track.  I know my coaches had us doing things to help perfect our strides, increase our speed, or improve our endurance.  I just did what they said but really didn't ever care or pay attention too much.  I just ran and whatever happened happened. Running became more of just something I had to do to help with paying for college.  But I'm ready now.  I'm ready to learn for ME and really try to pay attention to the things that my coaches always tried helping us out with.  One of these things is STRIDE.  I'm convinced that my horrible running stride probably has a lot to do with why I tripped in the forest and ripped my hamstring up.  Before that injury, I found my right calf not working after about 9 miles...it would just feel awful.  My stumble happened at about mile 9 of an 18 miler (just about to turn around on my trail)  and I'm convinced now that it probably had to do with poor running stride caused by muscle fatigue.  

So, this is how I spent a bit of my morning:

Yes, I'm a big highlighter and write in the margins girl!  If it is my book, it is kind of like a learning journal/book for me.  Then I can go back and read my notes and see what I thought was important.  

This Chapter Pursuing The Perfect Stride is from my Brain Training For Runners book.  Good brain food!  Maybe once I have time to process my reflections, I'll write some key things I think are worth remembering.  In the meantime, I'm trying to do what I can to help  improve my stride.  As starting goals for my stride improvement, I want to be more conscious of not over striding and improving my cadence.  This was a helpful link for me to get more info about this whole cadence thing:  Get Faster! Improve Your Running Cadence.

I have so much to learn!  SO. MUCH.  But this is part of what makes life so stinkin' exciting for me!!  I love to learn. I'm one of those people that loves school...I love being a student.  Just the feel of having my book bag, books, pens, pencils, notes, reading glasses, and time to learn and think.  I even enjoy the homework.  But the good thing is that learning doesn't have to cost a college tuition.  We have libraries, Internet, and limitless ways to absorb information.  I am a life long learner and I love that we NEVER STOP LEARNING and FINDING ways to grow!  yay for learning time!  

Even when it means learning about how Lady Bug wants to be my friend:

 Or learning from an older sibling while Mommy reads her running book for 20 minutes:

 Or figuring out  how to do the puzzle by yourself because Mommy insists on writing one quick blog about her running stride:  

Here is a hodge podge of questions to choose from if one, two or all them catch your interest and you have something to share.  I love hearing from you even if I don't always find the time to comment back right away.  I'm really trying to limit the time I spend on the computer during the day. 

1.  What tips do you have for me for improving my stride?  Please share your wisdom!

2.  I'm not ready for barefoot running but please do share a shoe that you would recommend that will help me run more naturally.  Currently I have the Saucony Kinvaras...are these good for this?  See, I do have a lot to learn.

3. Do you like school?  Did you like school growing up....high school, elementary school, college?  Was it easy for you or did you struggle a bit (and that's okay if you did...not everyone is a conventional learner)?

4.  What is one of your favorite blogs that you learn from?  

Happy Wednesday! 

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