Parenting is HARD but Running a Sub 20min 5k is Harder

Boys Boys Boys
This first section is for the Motherhood part of this Runninghood Blog.  Be warned, if parenting/mommy talk makes you want to poke your eyes out, you can skim down to my equally boring (today) running section.

I know that many of you mothers out there might recognize this book by David Shannon called No David.  This book is mostly illustrations with the words "No David!" on each illustration of the little boy David doing something he isn't supposed to be doing....Running down the street naked, breaking things, playing with his food, making messes.  Poor David.  Always being told NO!  But in the end his mother says "Yes David, I Love You!"  This story was always funny to me and I've always loved it as a teacher.  My girls have also enjoyed it over the years and David Shannon has been one of their favorite authors and illustrators.  But I didn't truly "GET" this book until I had my little man Runninghood!  Now I think this book was written just for him!
My little guy is giving me a run for my mommy money!  Such a different ball game than what I've experienced raising girls.  First off, he is totally and completely attached to ME! I rarely get a break when he is awake unless I leave the house.  Or, like now, I'm typing on the toilet in the back bathroom.  Oh, here he is banging on the door as I type. Darn, I've been caught.  Let me go to using fragments and bullets now:

  • I told you all that this little guy has a thing about calling everyone Bad Boy.  Lately, I've really been trying to put a stop to this by telling him "No, you are not a bad boy. That was a bad choice."  I think it is working because this morning when he threw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet, I said "No Thank You!  Bad Choice."  And he responded with "Good Boy.  Bad Choice."
  • I'm thinking at least it is a good thing that he says "No Thank You" when he is cussing people out with his "Bad Boys and Stop Its!".  The other day I was at the gym and my husband picked up our Nephew in the car.  My son threw a huge fit because he thought that our nephew was taking my seat.  He threw out a few choice "Bad Boys" and yelled "NO THANK YOU!  STOP IT BAD BOY!"  
  • Again, I do not call my son bad boy!  He picked this up from his oldest sister. 
  • Yesterday I asked him to "Stop It (yes he gets that from me)" and he responded by grabbing my leg and saying "NO MAMA, you stop it!"  Not something I'm proud of...actually rather embarrassed to admit it but it is real life.  He did get a time out.  
  • I had someone ask me what we do for consequences when this little guy decides to hit, throw food, grab his sisters hair, throw almost 2 year old tantrums, etc.  Great Question!  
  • I usually say something like "Uh, Oh, not a good choice".  Sometimes he responds quickly to this and says "I'm sorry Momma" and that's that.  But if it happens again, I take him to his crib and give him a 1-2 minute time out.  Research suggests that you only give a time out for as long as the child is old.  So my daughters might get a time out for 3-5 minutes or 45 minutes depending on how I'm feeling.  
  • I try not to hit because this is exactly what I'm trying to teach him not to do.  Although I am not beyond giving him a light tap on the behind through his diaper.  But really this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  I know many of you would disagree.  
  • When he gets out of timeout, I ask him if he knows why he was in time out.  Of course he is 20 months so he isn't going to respond in a complete sentence so I answer the question for him and tell him why he had consequences.  Then I ask him to say sorry to the person he offended.  He always does so with a hug or kiss.
  • Overall, he is a wonderful, loving, bright and funny funny boy!  He acts like a text book 20 month old who is experimenting with control and trying to have power in his little world as a third child with two older bossy sisters.  He shows so much love to all of us.  I really should include all of the positive things he does that are funny too. 
  • Oh, and for the record, we do have a regular babysitter that we LOVE.  We believe in getting away on dates and making time for just us.  He is just having lots and lots of anxiety right now.  Leaving him with people he isn't used to is the difficult part.  This is normal.  Part of the game of parenting.  

Running Running!
Note:  I am not training for a 5k.  I'm marathon training.  I won't be hugely disappointed if I don't PR in a 5k this year since it isn't my focus.  In fact, I won't be hugely disappointed if I never ever race a 5k ever again!  

The consensus is in!  The majority of people that responded to the last post said that the 5k is their least favorite race.  For good reason! I agree!  I went to the gym yesterday with my mind set on trying to scrap my mile repeat workout and instead attempting to set the treadmill to a good ol' 1.0 incline and holding on for a sub 20 minute 5k.  I left with visions of victory and I returned with visions of reality!  

The original workout plan for yesterday:
2 mile warmup
4-5 1600 repeats at 10k pace(really I should be doing these a little slower than what I've been trying for.  I should be more at a 6:39 or slower since it needs to be realistic for what I could run a 10k in now) with 2 min active recovery in between
2 mile cool down

Here's what happened:
2 mile warm up/dynamic stretching
1.34 miles @ 6:27 pace and then the monotony of the pretty empty gym + treadmill + bad talk show and no music + mental wimp out + hard pace for me = I gave up.  (looking back I wish I would have just slowed down to a 6:45/50ish pace until I could speed back up again)
2 min jog
1 mile at 6:31
2-3 min jog
3 miles at 7-7:27ish tempo pace. Ran until I got to 6.2 miles...last .5 was at 6:31-6:50ish pace.  
Ended with 45:15 10k.  I'll take it.  Not nearly as good as breaking 20 in the 5k or running my 4-5 mile repeats at pace but that's okay.  It was a good mental wake up for me. I'm not in 5k PR mode right now.  That's okay.  I have to remind myself that this is marathon training.  And even if I don't ever break 20 in the 5k, I'm still good enough, smart enough and doggone it!  People like me.  

Week Review
My training is still in the early stages since my marathon isn't until June.  I'm just following this Brain Training Plan and hoping that it is leading me down the right road.  Trusting Matt Fitzgerald to tell me what is best!  Tomorrow's 14 miler will give me 50 miles this week and I feel great!  I feel  a little soreness in my lower hammy/knee area but overall, I'm feeling pretty solid!  My Brooks Launch shoes are everything I would have hoped them to be.  I LOVE them!!!  The Asics made my feet fall sleep after 2 minutes.  What?  I tried loosening them and still my toes feel asleep.  Weird.  I'll try again but if they keep feeling like that then I'll just get another pair of Brooks shoes to alternate with and we'll be good to go!

Off on a light and easy 6 miler with little man Runninghood in the stroller!  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  

1. Any exciting plans this weekend?  We are just redoing the floor in the kitchen and getting ready to have the kitchen redone on Monday. Oh, and it isn't raining here in Portland! An outdoor run in the semi-sunshine will be heavenly!!  And getting a sitter for my husband and I to run 14 miles tomorrow.    

2.  If you are a parent of a toddler, what are your methods of giving consequences and discipline?  

3.  Good luck to anyone who is racing this weekend!  


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